Use & Specification

Vitiligo Derma Cream penetrates deep into the skin cells stimulating the melanocytes, thus producing the pigment melanin. As a herbal product developed and formulated to use on the face and body with vitiligo symptoms, made with pure and natural ingredients, it has soothing and healing effects for all ages and skin types.

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Learn How to Apply

Step # 1

Wash the affected area and dry properly.

Step # 2

Apply generously to clean skin and Massage Cream on the affected areas twice a day.

Step # 3

Deep massage with fingertips for 4-5 minutes every morning and at night.

Step # 4

After the deep massage, leave it on for about 06-08 hours.

Step # 5

Apply it daily and continue to use it for 1-2 months for desirable results.



For external use only

Keep this cream at room temperature or between 12-30 Degree

Keep away from the reach of Children

If allergic to sunburn or sunlight, do not expose yourself to the sunlight before/after the application of the cream.

Tips for Better Results

Although the use of Vitiligo Derma Cream is simple and easy, here are some tips that can increase its benefits even more


    Regular exfoliation will help the cream absorb better into the skin. Deeper absorption means Greater results.


    Apply a good amount of cream onto your affected skin and deep massage every night before going to bed. Repeat in the morning preferably without washing off the night application.


    People with Vitiligo are more at risk to be deficient in some vitamins like B12, B9 (Folic Acid), and D3. If vitamins suit your body, consider adding vitamins B12, B9 and D3 to your daily diet.


    Exposure to sunlight is not necessary but recommended for stimulating pigments during sunrise or sunset when the intensity of the sun is not high.


    Water intake is a must. Daily intake of 2-4 liters of water is recommended.


    Keep your skin moisturized by using a gentle moisturizer but use it during the day when you are not wearing Vitiligo Derma Cream.

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