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Vitiligo Derma Cream 150ml

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Vitiligo Derma Cream is leading world brand that has been used by thousands of people with great success. This formulation is specifically design with sole purpose of helping people suffering with Vitiligo or Leukoderma.
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Vitiligo Derma Cream is formulated with vital ingredients to assist in regulating melanin (Pigmentation) production, essential to activating new pigmentation to counteract the Vitiligo Condition. The ingredients of vitiligo derma cream have all been carefully selected to work together for the process of melanogenesis and to regulate the melanin production and immune responses in vitiligo patients.
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Vitiligo Derma Cream penetrates deep into the skin cells stimulating the melanocytes, thus producing the pigment melanin. As a herbal product developed and formulated to use on the face and body with vitiligo symptoms, made with pure and natural ingredients, it has soothing and healing effects for all ages and skin types.
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